Weight Loss

Drop the Weight and Get Fit
Platoon starts where you are.
There are a lot of quick fixes for weight issues, but we are not one of them because we believe in solutions not band aids. At Platoon Fitness, our personal trainers excel at helping you get unwanted weight off, tone up and get in outstanding shape. Our philosophy is to treat the problem, usually lack of movement and poor diet, not the symptom (excess body fat).weightlosscut-300x274[1]

No one knows how to get you motivated and keep you motivated to exercise like Platoon Instructors, for the past 20 years we have worked with thousands of people just like you by starting where you are and working step by step through our Platoon Fitness System. Exercise is only part of the solution for permanent weight loss which is where Platoon Nutrition come in.
Whether you’re looking for personal training or a corporate wellness program, Platoon Nutrition has no pills, potions, shots, shakes, meal delivery services, protein bars or surgery, it starts with you keeping a 48 hour online food journal that we review and make recommendation from. You continue to log what you eat and we continue to help you navigate your nutrition so that your lifestyle changes. There are no meal plans, they don’t work. It comes down to Structure, Discipline, Accountability and of course Sacrifice.
That’s why Platoon Fitness works. Although Platoon Nutrition is not mandatory, it is free and highly suggested.