Correctives works on the problem not just the symptom.

massagecut[1]Targeting the problems solves the symptoms. It sounds simple enough, but, often we are tempted to find quick solutions to symptoms and once they are addressed (or worse, masked) we move on, never addressing the real problem. We work as a team at Platoon Correctives, hand in hand with you and your personal trainers to make sure your issues are being addressed while you train. Our licensed massage therapists and mobility experts get you back in the game by “killing the monster while it’s little” to avoid repeat injuries and address your body’s needs. We aim to increase a company’s productivity be decreasing fatigue and dis-ease during our corporate wellness programs. By following our corrective plan, you head down a path towards living–because living in pain is not living. Platoon Fitness not only prepares your body for whatever life brings, it prepares your mind.